An award-winning sustainable denim fashion company with headquarters in The Netherlands.

Mud Jeans is an eco-friendly & innovative brand of clothing for men & women, with several awards already under its belt, including Sustainability Leadership Award and Peta Vegan Awards.

Sustainability is one of the company’s core values and as the concept of making something new from something old is always going to be better for the planet, Mud has incorporated that concept into their products. They recycle old jeans by shredded the material, then the pieces are blended with virgin cotton which creates a new denim yarn ready to upcycle the fabric and make new jeans. The finished product is then given its trademark Mud printed label and sold or leased to a new owner.

The accessibility of fast fashion means that in one year, some consumers will buy numerous cheap pairs of jeans and throw them away when they’re worn out, or when they’re just bored of them, but this is not a sustainable option and it’s a massive drain on our environment. Leasing a fairly-priced pair of Mud jeans is an excellent alternative. You pay monthly for your chosen pair for 12 months and when you have outworn them, or you tire of them, you simply return the jeans and choose another pair, this way helps to save precious resources and reduce our carbon footprint

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