Coromondel Coast
Coromondel Coast

An ethical brand of specialty coffees, organically & sustainably-grown in India and hand-roasted in the UK.

Although India is traditionally known as a tea-growing country and one of the world’s largest producers of tea, it is also the sixth largest coffee producing country in the world, growing varieties of Arabica & Robusta coffee in traditional coffee regions such as Karnataka, a scenic state in Southern India with lush greenery and tropical monsoon climate - a perfect environment for coffee plants to thrive.

Coromandel Coast Coffee is shade-grown in these regions underneath fruit trees like banana, mango and orange, the coffee beans take longer to ripen in the shade, but this more gradual growth generates a coffee that is nutrient-rich and full of flavour, especially as the developing coffee beans can absorb some of the flavours & aromas of the fruit tree it is grown under. When the coffee beans mature, they are (mostly) hand-picked and while this traditional method of harvesting might produce a lower yield, the quality of the coffee is higher.

Coromandel Coast Indian coffee is responsibly sourced from farms that have applied eco-friendly practices and where farmers and farming communities are assured a sustainable livelihood. The single origin and hand-crafted blends are hand-roasted in the UK’s first small batch roastery in Surrey. They offer great taste paired with the richness of Indian tradition & culture.

The range of coffees include:

HOYSALA: Arabica, Single Origin with hints of Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut & Acai Honey

KAKATYA: Arabica, Single Origin with hints of Clove, Sweet Lime & Caramel

CHOLA: Arabica & Robusta Blend with hints of Dark Chocolate, Toffee, & Blackcurrant

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