Bee Wrappy
Bee Wrappy

Some of the best eco-friendly products on the market are the result of eco-conscious people coming up with a sustainable alternative to a product that is wasteful and environmentally-damaging.

Samuel and Christine, creators of Bee Wrappy, are two such people. As an environmentally-considerate family, they were always thinking of ways they could reduce their carbon footprint, after realising that they could reduce their use of single-use plastic wrap and aluminium foil in the kitchen if they made their own wrap, so they created their natural beeswax infused reusable alternative made with eco-friendly fabric for use at home or out and about. Beeswax food wrap resembles the natural protective peel and skin of fruit & veg, so it keeps it fresher for longer. The wraps are malleable, breathable and anti-bacterial so they’re also great for covering sandwiches for packed lunches, picnic food, cut fruit & veg, bowls, in fact almost any food, with one or two exceptions.

Bee Wrappy food wraps are made from Australian printed cotton and only four other ingredients:

- Organic Australian Beeswax
- Dammar Resin
- Australian Jojoba Oil
- Organic Coconut Oil

They contain no chemicals or artificial additives and they are 100% biodegradable. Bee Wrappy is a small company based in NSW, Australia, their products are Certified Australian Made and carry the kangaroo logo, a nationally and internationally-recognised symbol which is verification of Australian origin and manufacture.

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