TOP 5 Organic Health Stores in London
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Published On: May 30, 2016

Planning on visiting London? These 5 health stores have lots of organic options...

1 - As Nature Intended, Marble Arch

An independently owned, multi-award winning business, and a member of the Organic Trading Board (0TB). As Nature Intended stock an extensive range of organic, fair-trade and natural products and produce such as organic fresh fruit & vegetables, herbal remedies, supplements, vegetarian & vegan, gluten & dairy free, personal care, household cleaning and so much more.

2 - Greenbay, London's Vegan Supermarket


A new vegan grocery store located on North End Road, West Kensington This is an amazing one-stop-shop for all your vegan groceries. GreenBay stocks everything you would find in any supermarket, except they are 100% vegan and many products are organic too. There is a colourful arrangement of Organic fruit & vegetables and you will find a large selection of branded vegan products neatly arranged in the fridges and on the shelves of this store. The chilled section displays a wide variety of products such as plant-based meats, cheese, yoghurts and spreads, and in the frozen section you will find items like vegan sausage rolls, chicken burgers and dairy-free ice-cream in several flavours. The list is almost endless, there is a range of cereals, bread, baking ingredients, tinned products, body care products, cleaning products and as with every good store worth its salt, a range of beers, wines and spirits

3 - Earth Natural Foods

A large, light and airy organic grocery store near Camden. Earth Natural Foods stocks an impressive variety of organic, vegetarian wholefoods, health foods, organic fruit and vegetables, organic wines and beers, organic chocolate and gluten and wheat-free products, as well as Eco-friendly household goods, supplements, herbal and homeopathic remedies, organic skincare and cosmetics, and so much more. Earth Natural Foods offer a delivery service which covers most areas of North London, furthermore, as an incentive to encourage more people to leave their car behind and walk, cycle or take a bus/train to shop at the store, they will deliver your shopping for just £3.

4 - G Baldwin & Co


There is no better testament to how good a store is than by its longevity, and there are not many stores that have been around for as long as G. Baldwin & Co, a Health Food Store that has been a permanent feature on Walworth Road, South East London for 170 years - making it the oldest health food store in London.  Baldwin’s has been a family run business since 1844, established by George Baldwin and now the Dagnell family, the successful store combines traditional and modern merchandising throughout its double-fronted store. Reminiscent of a bygone era, one side of the store features a traditional apothecary, charming and authentic with dark wood cabinets which neatly display an amazing variety of natural herbal remedies, oils, balms and salves, it has a truly nostalgic feel.  

5- As Nature Intended, Spitalfields

TOP 5 Independent Organic Health Stores in Brooklyn

Published On: August 18, 2018 TOP 5 independenly owned health stores in Brooklyn you simply must visit. (Published Aug 2018) A popular & convenient independent neighborhood grocery store, located on Bogart Street, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, NY. Brooklyn's Natural Market is open 24/7, it sells a wide range of groceries including lots of vegan, natural, organic and free-from options.

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