It's time for shops to sell more organic and eco friendly products
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Published On: June 25, 2016

As consumers, most of us are aware that some products we buy may not be very good for the environment and in some cases not good for human consumption, yet we continue to buy them, why? Often just because it can be hard to find eco-friendly alternatives.

My Organic Hunter is aiming to get businesses around the world to embrace organic & eco-friendly products. There are some amazing innovative companies out there and we want to connect them to retailers, we will be speaking to 1000’s of café, restaurant, store and hotel owners to let them know there are eco friendly and organic alternatives to the toxic and eco awful products they may curently have.

Lets delve into this a little more:

Café’s & Restaurants  - Even some of the “trendiest” cafés and restaurants still sell water in plastic bottles. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages like wine, beers, spirits, tea, coffee and soft drinks that are not organic are not very healthy for the consumer or for our planet. Without going too deeply into the scientific part, non-organic products come from soils and crops that have been treated with insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and plant growth hormones - these end up in our bodies...Yikes!  

Hotels - Even some of the world’s most eco-luxurious hotels still offer guests Coca Cola in their minibars or water in plastic bottles; Pringles are also still offered. These eco / non-organic oversights continue with the ‘non-eco-friendly’ amenities in guest accommodations such as Nespresso machines which are currently fashionable in most hotels but they use an obscene amount of plastic pods over the course of just one year; even some bathroom products are provided in wasteful individual packaging (and some contain harsh chemicals). 

If you agree with us and you want retailers and hotels to embrace more eco & organic products then please show your support by liking, commenting, sharing the Facebook comment (below) associated with this campaign.

If you are the owner of a cafe, store, hotel or restaurant and you want to see some great products then contact us and we will connect you with some great brands.

Together we can make a difference :)


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