Why are there no certified organic restaurants in New York
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Published On: July 12, 2018

Where are the certified organic restaurants in New York City?

Are there any? A certified organic restaurant is officially approved by the USDA which assures the customers that the food served to them has come from farmers and growers who have met rigorous USDA organic standards, in other words, the food is free of chemicals, pesticides, artificial dyes, and has not been genetically modified.

There are many restaurants, who say some of the ingredients they use are organic, but if they’re not certified organic how can we be sure? They’re not legally required to sell organic produce because they’re not claiming to be organic. 

We live in a world where our food is modified and sprayed with chemicals and our water is poisoned so you would think that in a city like New York there would be at least one restaurant. I found one place in New York State which was an hour’s drive from Manhattan to Long Island, a certified organic restaurant called Full House Organic, the owner has done an amazing job, the food is freshly made with certified organic ingredients and you CAN taste the difference. It would be amazing if at least one person just a little closer to NYC could follow in her footsteps and open a certified organic restaurant in the city.

I am not writing this to discredit the many wonderful cafes and restaurants who use some organic ingredients, they’re doing a great job and at least they are doing something, this is about the realization that there is not one restaurant in Manhattan and Brooklyn where a person can go for a nice meal and know that the food they’re eating is certified organic.  

I am hoping someone might know of somewhere and prove me wrong, please let me know if you do

My Organic Hunter

Are there NO certified organic restaurants in New York City? :o #shocking :/

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