The Worlds First Collapsible Reusable Metal Straw
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Published On: April 30, 2018

There has been a lot of publicity recently and many campaigns to raise awareness of the damage to marine life caused by plastic, especially single-use items like carrier bags, water bottles and plastic straws which are used globally and often end up in the oceans of the world harming or even killing innocent sea creatures.

Recent estimations:

Around 550 million plastic straws are thrown away every day in the UK and US alone
By 2050 there could be more plastic in the sea than fish

The good news is that there are already many companies and individuals who are taking proactive steps to reduce or completely ban their use of avoidable plastics. Two such people are Emma Cohen & Miles Pepper, who’s mission to help reduce the use of single-use plastic led them to create FinalStraw, the world’s first collapsible, reusable metal straw which was launched on the crowd-funding platform – Kickstarter. FinalStraw is the only straw you’ll ever need, it is strong, tough & resiliant and guaranteed to last a lifetime. It is ultra-convenient to carry around too as it is small enough to fit onto your keychain, so you'll always have it with you and there’s no need to worry about keeping it clean, it comes with its own squeegee that fits easily through the straw and stores into the case.
The stylish case is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and comes in a choice of four great colours;

- Arctic Melt Blue,
- Healthy Coral,
- Shark-Butt Grey
- Suck-ulent Green.

Well Done FinalStraw
Visit their Kickstarter campaign

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