Organic Seaweed Pasta
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Published On: October 28, 2016


A mullti-award-winning company who has brought us a new and innovative eating experience with its 100% wild organic seaweed camouflaged (in the nicest possible way) as pasta! 

This edible seaweed (Himanthalia elongata – more commonly known as sea spaghetti) is picked from the rocks off the lower shores of Ireland. Seamore realised the possibilities of using this healthy nutritious seaweed as an alternative to pasta and in 2015, I Sea Pasta was born.

I Sea Pasta is organic, vegan, low carb, gluten-free and can be used in any dish you would normally use any type of pasta - Bolognese, Carbonara or Lasagne for example. It may not be ‘love at first bite’ for some people as the texture and taste is not entirely the same as pasta, but a few tastes in and the chances are you’ll be converted. The health benefits of I Sea Pasta can even outweigh those in some vegetables as it has very high levels of fibre, vitamins and minerals and antioxidants.  

Give it a go, we’re sure you will see why I Sea Pasta is the way forward in culinary terms.

If your visiting London here's a list of stockists


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