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Super treats

So, you thought you would never find a tasty healthy substitute for chocolate?  Well, think again -  Supertreats Organic Carob Bars are exactly that! They look like chocolate, they smell like chocolate, they taste like chocolate and unless you told your children that they weren’t eating ‘regular’ chocolate, they wouldn’t know.

Regular milk chocolate contains refined sugars (which can be addictive) as well as caffeine and theobromine which are known stimulants, so a combination of these ingredients can cause our kids to have a sudden but temporary burst of energy or overactive behaviour, quickly followed by a mood slump and very often ending in emotional or angry outbursts.

Carob is a fruit harvested from the carob tree (scientific name Ceratonia siliqua) which produces bean-like pods from where the carob is extracted. Carob contains no caffeine or theobromine and has been used as a chocolate substitute for a long time, usually in powder form to add to recipes as it is naturally sweet and unprocessed. It is significantly lower in fat than chocolate and it contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese and is a good source of B vitamins and vitamin A.

Super treats Organic Carob Bars are enticing with their attractive packaging and their small list of natural ingredients such as organic cocoa butter and organic coconut blossom nectar will satisfy sweet cravings with a slow release of energy - and all while staying healthy. The bars come in two yummy varieties - Merry Berry – with organic blueberries for extra goodness, flavour and texture, and Silky Milky – smooth and creamy.

Although Super treats Organic Carob Bars are meant primarily for kids, adults will love them just as much.


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