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Lulus Chocolate

A range of Artisan chocolate products branded Lulu’s Chocolate after its founder, Lulu Bonner.

Lulu’s gourmet chocolate is hand-crafted in California from raw, organic cacao sourced from wild-grown Ecuadorian cacao trees. Raw organic cacao is packed with essential minerals, vitamins, magnesium and other nutrients our bodies need to function properly. It also contains neurotransmitters that trigger the release of chemicals in the brain such as anandamide, also known as ‘the bliss molecule’ as it gives us a natural high.

This luscious chocolate is made strictly with USDA certified organic ingredients, it is both gluten & soy free and sweetened with low glycaemic coconut sugar, so it is a healthy delicious chocolatey treat for those with food sensitivities, and a guilt-free pleasure hit for the sweet-toothed (and not so sweet-toothed) among us. Lulu’s chocolate bars and chocolate treats are a pure delight and available in a variety of tantalizing flavours.

Lulu’s is an eco-conscious and sustainable business and is passionate about improving health through healthy eating, and reducing its carbon footprint through green practices such as using compostable or recycled packaging and vegetable ink print on all products. The business also donates 1% of annual profits as well as product, to charity.

A visit to Lulu’s Lounge in the scenic setting of Sedona, Arizona, is an absolute sensory treat for chocolate lovers and non-chocolate lovers. The cosy and intimate lounge offers hand-crafted raw organic, vegan, hand-crafted chocolates made right there on the premises, as well as hot & cold drinks, sundaes, truffles, cupcakes, macaroons, and more.

Opening hours
Sunday – Friday: 11am-6pm
Saturday: 11am-10pm