My Organic Hunter - Kourellas


Kourellas is a Greek producer of premium quality dairy & organic dairy food products.

The ethical company (certified by 8 international bodies) cares very much about the environment and is passionate about what goes into their products and where the ingredients are from. The family-owned company has a dairy in Grevena, North West Greece, a beautiful, agriculturally sound place surrounded by nature and shaded by the Pindus Mountains. Kourellas company has been involved in milk processing and the production of dairy products for over 40 years and in 1996, it started the production of organic dairy products - the first company in Greece to do so.

Kourellas award-winning products do not contain anything that might be harmful to people or the environment such as chemicals or pesticides; there are no unnatural, unhealthy additives, or the synthetic colourings & flavourings we should avoid, Kourellas products are made with just 100% natural & organic ingredients.

The wide range of innovative dairy products include 25 types of cheeses, organic chocolate milk, organic yoghurt in a variety of delicious flavours and many more. We especially liked the organic Bake & Eat feta cheese with pepper & tomato, it comes in its own little ceramic pot, you just take off the plastic cover, put the pot in the oven and bake for 6-8 minutes.