My Organic Hunter - Fish 4 Ever
Fish 4 Ever

An ethical brand of sustainable canned fish and other fish & organic seafood products.

FiSH 4 EVER are staunch advocates of our precious seas, wholly committed to protecting marine life & the environment, and supporting local communities whose livelihoods are being jeopardised by large-scale commercial fishing and methods that are destructive to our seas and marine habitat.

The local fishermen use only sustainable methods that have been used and passed on through the generations, they mainly fish in small boats and they still use traditional methods like the single line & pole whenever possible, they know exactly where to fish and how much to take.

FiSH 4 EVER is a product you know you can trust and their quality products are completely traceable back to origin. Their truly tasty and authentic range of products include: Anchovies, Mackerel, Salmon, Sardines & Tuna in a variety of spring water, brine, organic oils and sauces.