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Abbot Kinneys

Abbot Kinney’s

A range of dairy-free plant-based food products made from natural and organic ingredients.

The Abbot Kinney’s brand which originated in The Netherlands, is fast becoming a popular item in shops in the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Germany & Belgium.

The young, vibrant company responsibly produce quality products without artificial additives, colourings and flavourings, and just the least amount of ingredients as natural or organic as possible, making it better for the consumer and better for the environment.

The key ingredients in these tasty & healthy products are coconuts, almonds & mangos packed full of nutritional benefits and sourced from Vietnam, Sicily and India.   

Some of the Abbot Kinney’s range of plant-based products include:

Coco Start – made from coconut milk, an alternative to yoghurt available in naturel or mango

Almond Start – made from almonds, an alternative to yoghurt

Coco Frost – made from coconut milk, a frozen version of yoghurt available in several flavours including strawberry and cocoa.