Anything that can take away at least some of the dread of your menstrual period has got to be a good thing - this award-winning menstrual cup from Denmark helps to do just that. Winner of the 2016 ‘Scandinavian Natural & Organic Awards’, Organicup is eco-friendly, certified vegan and ‘AllergyCertified’. The cup is made from soft medical-grade silicone and lasts for several years so it massively reduces the amount of waste created by conventional menstrual products, it will save you a pretty penny too so it’s far more economical.

Safe to use and more hygienic than pads or tampons, Organicup doesn’t cause irritation or dryness so it won’t upset your pH balance. It might take a few attempts to get used to using the cup, but with practice you will soon have it down to a fine art! Once inserted correctly the cup creates a vacuum effect so it won’t leak and will stay put until you remove it.  It’s easy to clean too so it’s more hygienic and as it can hold up to as much as 5 times more liquid than a regular tampon, it can be worn for up to 12 hours - also during the night. Many women only need to empty the cup twice a day, usually in the morning and at night so day time activities are uninterrupted by having to change regularly and physical exercise like running, gym workouts and even swimming can be worry-free.

Most women who try this menstrual cup quickly learn to appreciate the comfort & convenience it provides, and happily ditch the conventional pads & tampons to become ardent Organicup converts

OrganiCup comes in 2 sizes:

A-Cup: For women who haven’t given birth vaginally

B-Cup: For women who have given birth

Organiwash is an AllergyCertified cleanser made with natural & organic ingredients, it can be used to clean your cup before and after each use, and as a gentle feminine wash.

Organiwipes are a handy accompaniment to your Organicup, the individually-wrapped organic cotton wipes are a quick and convenient way to clean your cup - great for when you're out and about

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