A selection of premium organic and biodynamic extra virgin olive oils, produced organically in Umbria, a charming and picturesque region of Central Italy with lush green countryside, hilltop olive groves and medieval towns.

The production chain for Olivocracy has complete transparency and environmentally thoughtful processes, the olives are grown without the use of chemicals or GMOs by small producers who use traditional methods and natural fertilisers. The ethical standards of the brand ensure a fair deal to all involved in the product, from the growers to the producers to the consumer.

This top-quality brand of cold-pressed organic and biodynamic extra virgin olive oil comes in a variety of exquisite flavours that will delight the taste buds, with #ONE #TWO #THREE and #FOUR denoting strengths from mild to strong.

Incorporating this organic EVOO into your diet can help improve general health, it is a heart healthy fat with a high antioxidant content and has many health benefits including helping to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease

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