Larrys Coffee
Larrys Coffee

Larry’s Coffee is a coffee roasting company with a roasting plant & headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The eco-conscious company have created a range of delicious coffee blends with unique & innovative flavours, and it continues to develop new ideas & new tastes.
Furthermore, as environmental, social & ethical sustainability feature highly in the company’s values, 100% of Larry’s Coffees are Organic, Fairtrade & Shade-grown.

Larry’s Coffee helped start Fairtrade Proof, which is a cooperative of independent roasters who have committed to trade fairly, ensuring the farmers are paid a decent living rate for raw coffee, and keeping a close connection & long-term association with the coffee farmers. Fairtrade Proof also offers the consumer full product transparency, giving a detailed insight into the product from the farmer to the roaster.

Larry’s Coffee facilities in Raleigh NC have been altered to make it more sustainable, and a number of green practices are in place to reduce its environmental impact:

- the roof was lifted and glass panels were inserted to let in natural light
- active solar systems are in use
- a rainwater harvesting system was installed to run bathrooms & water the gardens
- zoned heating in work areas
- using wasted veggie oil from restaurants and filtering it to power a converted school bus used by the company to deliver products locally
- composting
- biodegradable packaging used

Larry’s Coffee regularly host events to help & support charities & worthy causes

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