Sweet Revolution
Sweet Revolution

It was over a decade ago when Jane Nicholls, the founder of Sweet Revolution decided she would try making her own sweet treats to provide her family with tasty healthy & nutritious goodies. One of her children had had an intolerance to dairy as a baby and Jane researched the subject to find ways and means of treating the condition naturally, incorporating her findings into her recipes. What began as experimentation became a fascination and she went on to study naturopathic nutrition at Salford University UK, where she learned about foods that heal. Jane originally launched her company with a range of healthy raw chocolate bars, but as it grew, the product range expanded, and a range of organic instant drinks were introduced with much success.

Sweet Revolution’s 4 varieties of organic instant drinks are made from ethically sourced plant-based ingredients.

- Hot Chocolate
- Turmeric Latte
- Reishi Chai Latte
- Matcha Latte

These delicious nutritious drinks are free-from gluten, dairy & refined cane sugar, and as they are completely plant-based they are suitable for people who have a vegetarian or vegan diet. They are easy to make and convenient to use, especially when you’re on-the-go.

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