One Fresh Cup
One Fresh Cup

One Fresh Cup Premium Gourmet Coffee with a Unique Single-Serve Filter System

A Seal of Approval from Good Housekeeping is a testament to a product’s great quality, and in 2017, One Fresh Cup was merited with this consumer-trusted seal. These individually-wrapped ‘coffee-on-the-go’ sachets contain 100% fresh coffee grounds from creditable coffee regions around the world.

This really is a quick and convenient way to brew a top-quality cup of coffee at home, in the office, on the road, or anytime you’re out and about. The pre-measured single-use drip filters have little ‘hangers’ that sit on the rim of the cup. Hot water is poured slowly over the filter - and - voilà! A great quality coffee with all the richness of a traditional pour over, but without having to measure or grind your own beans, or having to clean up afterwards. This certainly isn’t instant coffee but it is just as convenient. You don’t even need a coffee machine to brew One Fresh Cup, so there’s no risk of exposure to mold and bacteria that builds up in traditional coffee machines, and no need to worry about having the space to stand or store a machine.

There are several varieties of One Fresh Cup coffee blends. We especially like the organic blends - the beans are sourced from Guatemala on sustainable farms without the use of pesticides and herbicides. The beans are hand-picked, certified USDA Organic and carry the UTZ and Bird-Friendly seals.

Ceylan Organic is a dark roast. Smooth with vanilla undertones. Bourbon Organic is a light roast. Balanced with hints of salted caramel.

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