LH Organics Supreme Greens
LH Organics Supreme Greens

Creators of True Organics Supreme Greens, an Organic Plant-Based Meal-Replacement Supplement.

This completely natural Non-GMO, vegan product is chemical & pesticide free and contains no fillers or binders of any kind, just the highest quality 100% USDA Certified Organic ingredients. There are 28 organic plant-based ingredients in each packet, superfoods like Chia & flax seeds, wheatgrass & spirulina have all been chosen specifically for their natural nutrient density, this ensemble of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and proteins stimulate the body’s ability to heal from within, helping you to reach peak health and help prevent disease.

True Organics Supreme Greens was formulated with the influence of the Yin / Yang principle of Chinese Philosophy, where two opposites interconnect to create totality. Utilizing this same concept, Supreme Greens nutritious meal replacements allow the yin and yang of your body to be in harmony, boosting your immune system, improving concentration and making you feel more balanced and energized.

The supplements are easy to include in your diet and convenient to use, add to soup, water, juice or smoothies for a tasty, satisfying, nutritious drink.

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