GB chew
GB chew

Prue Leith School alumni, Chef Lucy, is rescuing us from foggy head, insatiable cravings and the spikes and guilt of sugar-overloaded sweet tasting snacks and small bites with her unique GB chew slices: a mouth-watering, lush flavour, raw nutritional dynamo enjoyed by adults and children.

Truly exceptional quality, total health, lovingly handmade in the UK with carefully selected nutrient dense organic ingredients.

Yacon is the hero ingredient. Its natural sugars aren’t absorbed into the blood stream, they’re non-digestible, and prevent those dreaded sugar spikes and heady-ness but ooze the appetising sweet flavour you crave. Along with flax, they provide vital prebiotic fibres for appreciative tums whilst nuts and seeds ensure balanced steady energy.

Available in 3 appetising flavours:

- Organic Baobab Almond Brownie
- Organic Apricot Orange Goji
- Organic Zesty Lemon Spirulina

Some of the raw organic and Fairtrade ingredients used to make GB Chews are…

Flaxseed: a plant-based food with high antioxidant content, a good source of omega 3 essential fatty acids and also fibre. A top all-rounder

Baobab: a nutrient-dense super-powerful superfruit from Africa with an array of benefits; good for the skin, the immune system, the digestive system, and great for bone health

GOJI berries: a Chinese wonder fruit combined with unsulphured apricots to boost antioxidants

Spirulina - distinctly plant green colour, the world’s oldest and most nutritious protein, discovered by the Aztecs

Shortlisted for the Soil Association’s Best New Organic Product, GB chew Stealthily Healthy Slices are a satisfying full flavour, big chew, sensible portion.

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