Riad Porte Royale
Riad Porte Royale

An Eco-friendly hotel located close to the lively and colourful main square in Marrakech’s historic Medina quarter.

The hotel opened 10 years ago after being lovingly and excellently restored by local artisans and with local materials. Many of the (250-year-old) Riad’s authentic features have been retained including the original thick walls (70cm), which help control the temperature inside the building during Summer and Winter.

Like many of the Riads in Marrakech, the rooms or living quarters of Riad Porte Royale are built around a central courtyard. Each room is bright, airy and individually designed incorporating elegant modern style, traditional Moroccan fabrics & textures and interesting artefacts representative to the theme of the room.

The en-suite bathrooms are in tadelakt (waterproof polished plaster) and have nickel sinks. Eco-friendly toiletries in refillable bottles are provided.

The hotel provides breakfast to all rooms. There is also in-house catering, with Moroccan cuisine and plenty of enjoyable spaces to dine including an impressive roof terrace with white canopy and views of nearby palms.

There are also plenty of cafés and restaurants close to the hotel which overlook the Jamaa el Fna and give a fascinating view of the square.

Riad Porte Royale in its entirety provides a unique, unforgettable experience and an authentic taste of Morocco and one of its major cities.

Since its opening, Riad Porte Royale continues to improve its Eco-credentials, they do this by the following…

- Installing low energy bulbs where possible, and currently moving into using LED bulbs.
- Believing strongly in ethical tourism, and are registered as a company, pay numerous taxes as such, and have an official 'casement' from the tourist authorities.
- Employing Moroccan personnel on legal contracts and pay their social security.
- Buying where possible, food from local markets or from local shops/'Kiosks in the medina.
- Where possible using non-chemical cleaners (even vinegar/lemon juice) or those that respect the environment
- Air drying towels and sheets and changing them every four days or more often on request.  This is explained in the welcome pack.
- Having a water filter machine, which triple filters water (one of the filters is ceramic) from the mains water—it is 99.9% pure, and eliminates the need for our guests to buy water in plastic bottles (especially important in the summer!)
- Fitting double flush mechanisms in the toilets to help save water.
- Currently looking into the cost/benefits of installing solar power.

Address - Derb El Maada 84, Diour Jdad, Zaouia El Abbessia, Marrakech Medina
Contact No. - +212 524.37 61 09