Precious Pod Certified Organic Houmous
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Published On: March 4, 2017

The Precious POD

An Award-Winning Company based in Bath, Somerset, that has created an exciting range of handmade certified organic houmous (or hummus, there are variations on the spelling).

The Precious POD is the new Brand name for Natural Vitality, which has recently undergone an exciting transition from its original name. It is still the same amazing product but now with a different name and different packaging.

The Precious POD is so called to reflect the significance of the humble chickpea (the main ingredient in houmous, more than 60%). Chickpeas (garbanzo beans) have been around for thousands of years, they originate from the Middle East and they grow in pods on vines. Chickpeas are a healthy versatile food and a staple in Middle Eastern, African and Indian diets. They are a super source of protein, fibre, iron, zinc, B vitamins and more. The Oil used is organic cold-pressed Olive Oil.

The Precious POD use top-quality chickpeas to make their gluten-free houmous which is certified organic by the Soil Association. Their pots of deliciously flavoured Houmous contain more chickpeas than most other providers. The pots that really do pack a punch of intense flavour have earned them a Gold Award in the Taste of The West 2016.

The Precious POD houmous is available in a variety of flavours:

- Organic Classic
- Organic Red Pepper
- Organic Smoked
- Organic Turmeric
- Organic Kalamata
- Organic Rose Harissa

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