CanO Water an Eco Friendly Alternative To plastic Water Bottles
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Published On: February 9, 2017

London-based brand CanO Water has introduced water in a RESEALABLE can!

This idea is genius! Not only is it better for our bodies and for the environment to drink from aluminium cans rather than plastic bottles, but the convenience of being able to drink, reseal, and go, is something to get excited about. It doesn’t spill so you can put it in your pocket or bag and keep for later instead of disposing of a drink half drank. Furthermore, aluminium cans are much easier to recycle than plastic bottles, and they can be made into new products time and time again in just a matter of weeks; whereas it takes a huge amount of energy to recycle plastic water bottles and often end up in our oceans & seas which has a damaging effect on marine life.

CanO Water is cool, crisp spring water that is sourced and canned in the Austrian Alps, it hydrates and refreshes and is available in still or sparkling options. The Eco-friendly 330ml recyclable cans have a no nonsense, no gimmicks distinct design (black for sparkling, white for still) and a simple but clever logo.

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