My Organic Hunter - Hunting the Globe for Everything Organic, Green & Eco-Friendly

About Us

MY ORGANIC HUNTER is a global hub where people can rest assured that what they see on our site and in our 100% recycled printed bulletins in organic places around London (and more cities in the near future) really is organic and / or eco friendly.

Confusion About Organic
Health conscious consumers who search for “organic places” or "organic products" via the popular search engines are often presented with a list of places that are in fact just vegan, just vegetarian, or just natural rather than organic.

FACT! “35 Pesticide Residues Found on non-organic applies by the USDA Pesticide Data Program” What’s on my food?

What's The Solution?
To create a global hub making the organic and eco-friendly consumer’s searching process easy and trustworthy.

Our website has 3 main sections:

1 - Organic Places
Locate organic places with ease by selecting a major city like London and an organic category; making the search for organic cafes, restaurants, wine bars, beauty salons and lots more really simple.

2 - Organic Products
Find organic and eco - friendly products easily by selecting country of origin and / or category and be taken directly to our clients online store or website via a tracked link for analytics so our clients and ourselves can monitor traffic.

3 - Eco Friendly Hotels
Easily find hotels around the world that focus on being green, eco-friendly and sustainable

We also have Printed Bulletins

Currently in London we have 100% recycled printed bulletins (and plans for most major cities in the world) which promote organic, even in cities like London people who love organic often tell us they don’t know what other organic places on their own doorstep, we aim to put a stop to this. Our bulletins are only found in the cities best organic / eco cafes, restaurants, stores and hotels.

Get Involved
Do you love what we are doing as much as we love doing what we do? We are only able to grow and promote organic if we get the support of the organic / eco community.

There are many ways to support us:


Visit our website regularly, signup to our newsletters, follow us on facebook, instagram & twitter, tell your friends about us, spread the importance of organic yourself, visit the organic places on our site and if you like the organic products on our site purchase them.


B2B Subscription – Signup to our B2B subscription and be kept up to date with what’s happening in the organic / eco friendly world. We connect great organic products and services with great organic and eco friendly companies. Maybe your business is looking to stock great organic / eco products? Or perhaps your business creates great organic / eco products / services which are perfect for organic and / or eco stockists? Our subscription can help.

Work with Us - Take out one of paid campaigns aimed at engaging lots of our audience with your products and / or services.